Waldorf-inspired Doll Making Workshop

Doll Making Workshop with Mary Hirsch-Jones
Make your own 15 inch organic SnuggleRoo baby

Workshop participants will enjoy a full day of joyful handwork with expert doll maker Mary Hirsch-Jones of Mimi’s Designs, and leave with a doll to cherish. An excellent warm-up for this year’s Waldorf East Conference (June 24th – 25th). 
The cost of the workshop is $120 USD, and includes materials. The deadline for registration is May 15th. Questions? Email Anne at greerwhite@eastlink.ca

To register, email the following information to hirschmj@comcast.net
1. Name
2. Past doll-making experience (none required)
3. Knowledge of running and ladder stitch
    (if none, you will be provided a link to a tutorial)
4. Color preferences:
    Skin: brown, light brown, peach, tan
    Eyes: brown, blue, green, sleeping eyes
    Suit: yellow, mint green, lavender, blue

About Mary Hirsch-Jones:Mary Hirsch began making dolls in 2000 when her daughter started her journey at their local Waldorf School. Mary became mesmerized by the beauty found in the kindergarten and like many parents, she wanted to create a similar environment in her home. This prompted her to learn felting, doll making, lazuring, and puppetry.

Since that time, Mary has made close to 1,500 dolls, striving to obtain and use organic materials made in the U.S. and Canada. She is the sole provider of Heavy Babies (TM) to Bella Luna and has sold her dolls to A Child’s Dream Come True, A Toy Garden, and a number of other smaller stores. Her dolls can be found in dozens of Waldorf Schools across the country and her customers are based around the world.