School Clean Up Days!

Many thanks to everyone who showed up for the School Clean Up Days.

You did a fabulous job and the school’s looking great as a result of your work!


Our annual school clean up starts this weekend. We need to get the school ready for start of school!

This is a wonderful way to come together and re-connect with parents as well as meet new ones. Bring a picnic lunch and the whole family, kids can play while adults work. It is so beneficial for the children to see their parents care for the school and participate in meaningful work. There will be a large urn of coffee available in Coffee Corner – please bring your own mug!

There is a lot to do. We have a fridge and a stove that needs moving, a deck to finish that some of our amazing B&G team have been working tirelessly on, a pile of wood that needs burning, a fence that needs paint, cobwebs from common areas need clearing, teachers may need last minute help in their classrooms (they will be leaving lists for us) and a hall way that needs re-painting.

Parent participation and volunteering are a cornerstone of the SSWS community. Our school community’s strength is a direct result of the involvement of parents and friends. It is this ongoing commitment and dedication that allows us to thrive as a community and to sustain our vibrant school.

We look forward to seeing you there.

If you would like to offer your help, but cannot be here during the day, please email to be assigned a task to do at your availability.