The Sunni Fund

UPDATE September 11, 2017!  

The Sunni Fund has reached  its goal. We have secured the funds to have Miss Sunni  on staff in the Kindergarten for the full school year. Thank you to everyone who gave donations, to those who gave me ideas and everyone who had faith that the goal would be reached.

Miss Donna


Help us provide a meaningful employment opportunity for a young, disadvantaged Nova Scotian with limited employability.

Sunni Dagley has been involved with our school through various programs and is well loved by all the children and families. She has been employed as an assistant in our kindergarten easing the work load of the lead teachers in the classroom by washing dishes, sweeping, helping children with their various needs.

We are no longer eligible for wage subsidy programs for Sunni. We want to continue mentoring her and supporting her to reach her full potential, increase her skills and become part of our permanent staff.

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