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Our Faculty and Staff


Kerry Eady

Grade 1 Teacher

Grade 8 & 9 Co-Teacher

Faculty Chair

Pedagogical Chair

Faculty Board Member

Kerry Eady is a native of Ontario but kindred to Nova Scotia where she has, in her nurturing way, held time at bay for growing minds trusted to her care within the folds of Waldorf Communities.


Forged of iron, fueled by creativity, and shrouded in silk, Kerry has the fortitude to stand for equanimity, the wisdom to resolve differences with grace, and the spark to keep life fun. Kerry is dedicated to expanding her knowledge base and is continuously engaged in learning opportunities which are relevantly and progressively applicable to the education process.


Concurrently, she will be challenging her peers to expand and engage themselves in such a way that they feel safely shrouded in her pure intent.


Outwardly, expect to behold Kerry riding the waves off of Nova Scotia’s spectacular beaches where she is said to reunite with her Selkies!


Ben Gallagher

Grade 2 & 3 Teacher

Ben Gallagher returned to Nova Scotia with his wife and children in 2020, pulled by the power of the oceanic coastline along the South Shore. As they settled into a house at the mouth of the

LaHave River, they also began connecting to the vibrant families and community of the South Shore Waldorf School.

Ben brings his passion for poetry and creative writing to the

school and classroom. His first book of poems was published in 2022, as he neared completion of his PhD in Curriculum, Teaching & Learning with a focus on critical literacy and practitioner inquiry.


At the Waldorf School, he has also found a home for his passionate interests in music, sailing, woodwork, and food preservation through ancient foodways.

When he is not in the classroom, you can find Ben at local farmer's markets, cuddling chickens in his backyard, or biking the coastal highway with kids in tow during the summer months.



Vienie McShane

Grade 4 & 5 Teacher

Vienie Mcshane brings her irresistible passion for art, creative expression, and imagination into all that she does. Along with her eighteen years of experience as a teacher, she also contributes the distinction of a BEd, a diploma in Waldorf Education, and a diploma in jewellery design and manufacture. 


Vienie originally hails from Cape Town, South Africa, and has travelled extensively visiting many different international Waldorf schools. After relocating to Nova Scotia in 2021, the beauty of the South Shore Waldorf School (and the lovely tall forest of trees that surround it) spoke to her heart. She now brings her expertise, gentle nature, and wonderful ability to connect to others to our school community.



Camille Wilkins

Grade 6 & 7 Teacher

Elementary French Teacher

Faculty Board Member

Radiating grounded warmth, joie-de-vivre, and a sense of playfulness, Camille creates a safe and nurturing space in which each individual thrives and blossoms. Her love of connection and the world around her is as infectious as her smile. Her artist’s eye gleans the beauty in each moment, each being, each small wonder, and brings it forward for others to witness. 


From the wee sprites of the kindergarten to the seasoned wisdom of the centenarian, surpassing boundaries of language and culture, and helping heal damaged hearts, Camille has held space for them all, opening the door to the shared human experience of creating art.


As our grade 6/7 class teacher she is reverential of the souls in her care. She crafts her lessons to meet the children where they are while presenting appropriate levels of challenge and room to grow. She revels in their individuality and potential, and constantly invests in her own growth and development so as to be able to be the teacher and guide they need in this moment to become the wonderful adults they have yet to grow into.



Courtney Anderson

Grade 8 & 9 Teacher

Movement Teacher

Horse Block Leader

A perpetual and passionate learner, Courtney is adept at creating a safe and welcoming environment in which people feel supported to share their gifts and continue to grow.  Her roots are in farming, which has instilled in her a desire to see the job through, attention, to detail, and a reverence for the world around us and the interconnection that binds us all.


She is passionate about elevating others, taking great joy in seeing others put their gifts into action.


You can often find Wicket at her side, 60 lbs of furry love and energy.


Monika Wildemann

Kindergarten Lead Teacher

ECE Chair

Bio to come!



Brittany Roberts

Handwork Teacher

Parent & Tot Leader

Brittany moved to the South Shore to complete her PHD, specializing in Vernacular Architecture. Brittany fell in love with our school the moment she walked through the forest while attending the Parent & Tot program. Since then Waldorf has captured her attention and piqued her curiosity. 


Brittany completed her undergrad studies at NSCAD, where she specialized in Painting with a special focus on Textile & Fiber. Brittany took a break from her studies when she became a mother and loves the opportunities Waldorf offers for her to do what she enjoys while still spending quality time with her children.


She enjoys the outdoors and finds tending to her large garden very rewarding.


Brittany is pleased with her decision to put down roots in Nova Scotia.


Margot Aldrich

Music Teacher

Middle School French Teacher

Margot loves music, handwork, art and French. She loves to sing and her favourite music is rhythm driven. Her perfect place to be is curled up with a few children, reading books with beautiful illustrations. Margot plays the violin and viola and has played classically all her life, all over the world.


She is very good at practicing and loves to teach her students how to practice, slowly and patiently, so they can improve quickly on their instrument, and apply it to everything they endeavor to do in life. Margot loves to speak French and knows that when we learn a new language, we open the world, make twice as many friends and discover a new part of ourselves! 

She has three adult children; a builder, a programmer and an artist. Her grandson, Rupert, is wary of gnomes. Perhaps it was the Tomten…



Dan McArdle

Middle School Math Teacher

Bio to come!



Shell Paradine

Aftercare Co-ordinator

Bio to come!



Nunik Lobatho-Hernandez

Kindergarten Assistant

Bio to come!


Sue LeBlanc


Bio to Come


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