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Horse Block

Another school year lies ahead of us, and I am so grateful to once again be hosting horse blocks here on Lucky Rose Farm. It truly is a surreal experience to watch the beautiful children of our school forming relationships with our herd of equine teachers. It is such an honour to see this dream manifest into reality and the experiences thus far have surpassed any expectations I had. For those who haven’t had a chance to witness the magic yourselves, you may be wondering why Horse Block is an integral part of our curriculum, it is my hope this little snippet of what is likely to unfold in the coming weeks helps you to understand.

Our grade 1 and 8-9 classes have the first horse block and I am so excited to see how they all come together. For the grade 1 students the horses, especially our saucy little ponies, will mirror the way that the grade 1 students are stretching their limbs, pushing boundaries, and exerting their will in the world, all while being wonderfully affectionate, playful, curious, and far too clever. Rosie and Reinie will provide a strong and grounded presence to tether the little ones, bringing in an element of awe and gentled power that may be easier to overlook with the rowdy little ponies. The horses adjust their behaviour to meet the children where they are and it is always so lovely to see these gentle giants with our smallest students. The joy of connection, the giggles, the discovery of the smells and warm breaths from muzzles, all unfolds so perfectly.

For the 8-9 students they are entering into the phase of their lives where they are awakening more fully to their ego, the horses are aware of the shift and ask more from them than they do the youngsters. Working with horses requires us to develop a healthy relationship with our ego in order to truly stand in a position of leadership. Rising as a herd leader, truly leading a self aware, 1600 lb animal, requires us to practice many life skills including honing our own self awareness, emotional congruency, compassion, fair and firm boundaries, a sense of humour, and a broad awareness of our surroundings. I love watching the horses draw out the strengths of each individual. They have an innate sense of when to push, and when to give space so that the youth can grow in confidence and skill, discovering aspects of themselves that had previously been hidden.

I am curious to see how the horses will dance with these two groups, what teachings will be brought forth, and what adventures will be had. I look forward to holding the space and watching it all unfold.

With Gratitude,


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